I’m sitting in front of my tv this morning watching Sunrise Earth in the Sequoias.  My skin is literally crawling to feel the sunshine on it and the soft breezes of the first hints of warm spring air.

It is cloudy and about 26 degrees out at the moment and even the birds outside my window seem to be sleeping in late today.  The neighborhood is so still and quiet that I just want to run out and scream for everyone to wake up and sing!   But being that someone would no doubt send for the white coats I am settling for trees, sunshine and singing birds through the boob tube.  It helps… I suppose.  sigh

So I am planning out my garden for this year and am hoping and praying that I can get some lavender growing good again in my little yard.  There was a very sad accident with one of those horrible propane weed torches that husband used 2 years ago on the drive way and the red paver path to my front door.  GRRRR    Love that man but am still just a little bitter bout that!  Last year we went to a lavender farm about an hour north of here for a fabulous festival they held there.  They had wonderful advise on how to grow it well… full sun… dry feet…warm rocks.  Came home with plants and all the necessaries and planted in the perfect spot and …. nothing… dead in about two weeks.  But I have one that is thriving in the worst spot possible and in now way should it be happy there but it is so go figure.  I am thinking of planting more there and seeing what happens.

Lavender is by far my favorite flower but for the last two years Tom, my husband and I have planted about three flower beds with wild flower seeds and it is soo much fun in the summer to litterally wake up to new blooms and new colors and to have a bunch on my kitchen counter every day!   That is a given from now on, can’t do without that ever again.

Also I am hoping maybe for some Hydrangea plants.  We have tried them before with no luck but maybe our luck is looking up?  We have a really tuff soil here at my house for growing.  Very heavy clay and mostly rocks.  This whole neighborhood  is laid on a foundation of really terrible top soil fill dirt.  Our raised bed garden is the only answer we could come up with and for the most part that dirt there is very good and very well composted.  Any help out there on gardening ideas would be great especially for those of us with black thumbs! 

Be Blessed


My sister Autumn is struggling with an employee in her home that wants to judge her spirit path.  “Why do you have to call yourself a witch?   Why do you have to say a spell?”  Oh the self ritious closed-minded.  How irritating.

I don’t mind someone asking me questions if they come from a place of knowledge seeking.  But there is a difference when it comes from a place of narrow-minded stubbornness or superiority of faith.

Mostly I just want to say that I have been given a gift  from God and Goddess.  They gave me the gift of always wanting to learn something new.  The gift of always asking questions and of being open to new ideas that weren’t necessarily taught to me in my childhood or my formative years.  Heck I believe I am still in my formative years thanks to this very gift.

My God in heaven is a loving God and my Goddess is at his side sending her love to any and all that seek her.  Being a Christian does not close my mind it opens my faith to believe that all is possible.  IF YOU SEEK TO FIND IT.  Ask and it shall be given.   Knock and the door will be opened.  So I knock on the Goddess’ door when I need Her and I seek Jesus when I have need to thank him for all that I am and for His protection and guidance in my daily God given free will choices. 

I am ever going to be proud of being different in my beliefs and faith because I think that is what we are here to do…. learn and grow and seek always to be a better person.  Seek always the faith to be like a little child.  Seek always the spirits and elements and the strength we gain from them while we are here on the Goddess’ great earth.  The Universe is ours to breath into our souls.  Magick is alive and the Goddess is afoot.  Seek Her too. Embrace the different. 

Great and Best Blessings!

Changed for the Better

What a great song from Wicked.  I think everyone we love changes us for the better but as I listened to that song my heart turned to the memories of a dear friend named Nettie.  We were best friends and the world lost her due to complications from Cystic Fibrosis in 1996.  I can say that she indeed changed me for the better.  I think of and miss her everyday.  There is nothing so precious as a special friendship that enhances encourages and energizes your life.  That one person you turn to for support and laughter and love and honest gentle criticism.  Cherish it and hold it dearly if you own such a meeting of minds and souls.

I will see you one day Nettie Jo in the Summerland where together we can breathe deeply, laugh loudly and talk endlessly about nothing.  loves ya and keeping you always near


I had the great pleasure last night of seeing Wicked and I can’t recommend it enough.  Great show and amazing cast if you can come to Dayton, Ohio and see the show.  I am the better for seeing it.

Can’t help but wish just a little that I was green.

The Mother Must Be

By moon light and star shine

She searches her way

Through the woods, mountains and rivers

She searches, and seeks the true Devine

By love of the Father the Son and Ghost

She searches her way                                               

She knows the Mother must be about

So she seeks out the earths feminine Host

Father of Days and Mother of Nights

Shine on her path and guide her way

To all that she seeks and all that she knows

She asks in her soul with strength and might.

Father in Heaven allow her to know

The Mother she loves and yearns

She walks ever on towards the true path

The Moon shine drawing Her tides to grow

By star shine and moon bright

The path is now clear

By Earth Air Fire and Water

She walks now too in her Mother’s love and light.

Tracy Whited

It’s 4:30 a.m.  I’m an early to rise and early to bed girl.  I love the quiet of the early morning.  Maybe because I’m also a slow to wake up girl!  It takes at least one big cup of coffee and about an hour before I can speak! 

I  need some help from some sister and brother witches out there on how to be a good witch in the winter months.  To say that I don’t like snow cold and ice is the understatement of the century and don’t even get me started on the gray flannel skies.  I get Spring Fever every year starting on or about December 26th to be exact.     Which makes for a very loooonnnnnngggg winter.  I really need help on how to honor these months better than just wishing them away.  Any ideas??

Tonight I will be spending the night at my sister, Autumn and my niece’s house and I am hoping to spend some time working on our Book of Shadows pages together.  We are having a blast gathering and sharing information for when our books come.  It’s so much fun to be solitaires together!  It’s good to have each other to share our ideas and discuss our paths.  I think we learn more and force each other to think in and out of our own boxes. 

I am very interested now in learning about the elementals.  Fairies are alive and magick is afoot and I am loving learning about them.  I plan to make them welcome come the Spring in my own backyard.  I have everything back there to make them welcome… trees, a small Koi pond and lots of flowers.  We’ll see how that goes for me.  I think the Irish in me is drawing me to the Celtic pantheon and the Fearie folk so that right now is my focus.  Any advice???

Happy Tuesday and Blessed Be.

Monday, Monday

Oh my Goddess it is a gorgeous bright blue skied day and it is crisp and cold here.  We are gearing up for more snow to fall and organizing to be sure we have what we need in our homes so that we can hunker down and cuddle in for the next few more days.  I definitely don’t like to have to drive in the snow and ice and do everything possible to prepared so that I don’t have to drive. 

I am filling this day off with laundry and time working on my Book of Shadows pages.  My awesome sister ordered me a BOS from the WitchesMoon.com for my birthday and it looks as if it may finally be arriving sometime this month.  I cannot wait to get it and start filling it with my Shadows.  It’s going to be so much fun to watch it grow into something that is so important to my life. 

Have a wonderful day all…I’m off to fold fresh towels from the dryer while I whistfully dream of folding them from the clothes line on a bright warm Spring day.

Blessed Be.